• Suki was a speedy pup last time we walked, but today she was in a stop-and-smell-the flowers state of mind.

  • I know I’ve mentioned him before, but today I declare @macgreg to be my Micro Monday pick. I had the incredible fortune to work with him at @smilesoftware for 10 years and learned so much from him about books, cooking, coffee, and board game strategy.

  • I was sorry to see UNC out of the tournament so soon, especially in a loss by their biggest tournament margin. But I tell myself it saves me hours of my life I would have spent watching basketball the next two weeks. And hey, someone else should have a chance at being #1. 😇🏀

  • It’s Micro Monday, and our second episode of the Micro @monday Microcast has been posted. This week, our guest is @modernlittleme!

    Your Micro Monday recommendations help us plan the program, so keep them coming. 🎤🎧

  • Pairs well with radicchio, @macgreg.

  • Using a cool app called #Vorto that lets you make flash cards in many languages. “Morskaya svinka” (little sea pig”) is one of my favorite words in Russian.

  • I’ve been using (or trying to use) Siri more to decide if I really really want a HomePod. Siri must know I need to be more frugal, because it is making the decision easy. First time giving it a try on my Mac = 🙄.

  • My hero. (Almost ready to release my Complete Guide to Watching Star Trek: Voyager. A few more tweaks.🖖)

  • Micro Monday tip: favorite the posts you really like so you remember them when Monday comes around. That’s what I do.

  • It’s Friday! Time to start thinking about who your Micro Monday pick will be and why. Your picks help us figure out who to interview next for the Micro @monday microcast too!

  • Had A Couple Great Dogs To Walk This Week


    Lola. L-O-L-A. Lola.


    Winnie. Named Best Dog in Portland in a survey of one person (her owner). I would have to split my vote at least five ways, but Winnie is in that five now.

  • Oops, I forgot that photos can’t go in a reply post, even if you try to trick the system by starting a new post. Anyway, the emergency guinea pigs you are looking for… cc: @collin

  • So glad to see @aaronpk, @verso, @jw and @incanus. Even @cheesemaker was there! (We will set a date/time/place for the next Portland Homebrew Microblogging meetup soon!)

  • This is Winnie. According to her profile, she is the best dog in Portland. I would put her in the running, for sure. 🐾

  • First Homebrew Website Club / Microblogging meetup. @aaronpk made a sign. I think this is the first Micro.blog sign. Historical!

  • Whoops, not alone. People are here already, I just didn’t see them.

  • I’m at Rogue Eastside Pub (former Green Dragon for the first meetup of Homebrew Website / Micro.blog folks. Inside back corner. cc: @aaronpk @verso @jw @cheesemaker (All alone so far. 😥)

  • Per @jamesdempsey: Save The WWDC Date: Wed Night, June 6. James Dempsey and the Breakpoints, LIVE near WWDC. Benefit concert for App Camp For Girls. Sign up to be first to get all the details: eepurl.com/wfs3X .

  • Just finished recording Episode 2 Micro @monday Microcast. Such a fun guest! I can’t wait to share it…but I will wait until Monday.

  • 2017: Inaugural WWDC Micro.blog Meetup. We’ll set a date for this year soon. Hope to see a bigger crowd, and better gender representation!

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