• IndieWeb Summit commences! I finally meet @aaronpk, and also Amit, who will be persuaded to join Micro.blog by this time tomorrow.

  • I will miss seeing you this weekend. I will save you a sticker, unless I’m down to my last one and some other developer asks nicely. Because I have a hard time turning down requests from nice people…

  • If you’re going to be in PDX for the Indie Web Summit, join me Sat. night at Kelly’s Olympian to see this great lineup of indie nerd musicians.

  • Happy Solstice from the Oregon Coast. Time-lapse video, 24 secs. iPhone 7 and @iographer.

  • My video rig for this trip. Photographing one @iographer (for the iPad mini) with another @iographer (iPhone 7).

  • For @peggymacd, your youngest has become quite the card player. And he beat us last night at Blokus.

  • Who is going to Indie Web Summit this weekend in Portland? I’ll be there, with Micro.blog stickers and invites!

  • They don’t call it the Beaver State for nothing. Twin Rocks, Oregon

  • Getting started with Micro.blog

    What to post to a microblog by Manton Reece

    Join the Slack. Check out the #followme channel for people to follow, or get answers in various channels.

  • Twin Rocks, Oregon Coast.

  • Every year I bring all my spare change on the annual niece/nephews trip to the coast. We divide it up and use it for poker. Keep your winnings!

  • Bye-bye Coast Starlight. Next time I see you, I plan to go all the way down to LA. #amtrak

  • Seattle: King Street Station with fog-shrouded downtown.

  • Thanks for the birthday wishes @steve, @seishonagon, @kulturnation, @stefp, @vasta, @bitdepth, @corntoole, @eli, and @jack! You are awesome.

    Let this be the beginning of a practice I’m calling Micro Monday. Share your follow recommendations. 🚶‍♀️🚶🏿🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽 #MM

  • One thing I would miss about Facebook and Twitter if I went 100% microblog: happy birthday greetings. 🎂< /hint >

  • We have a clash of the holidays, Dad. Birthday trumps Father’s Day, right? 👴🏻🎂🥂😘

  • Wonder Woman in the Solstice Parade! I saw quite a few WW among the spectators too.

  • John & Barb rocking out.

  • Apparently the parade marchers think I need some pink in my gray.

  • Instagram’s algorithm has drained all the fun out of it. I’m only liking photos that are 24 hours old or less. My friend and Micro.blog creator @manton calls it the anti-timeline. And he has strong feelings about the API. www.manton.org/2017/06/5…

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