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Dixie (my erstwhile pup) and Goldie (my neighbor and loaner dog), Portland, 2009.

Today’s prompt unearthed a memory. One of my favorite numbers from the musical My Fair Lady is “On The Street Where You Live.”

The memory is bittersweet. It’s sung by a young man who is smitten with Eliza Doolittle, yet she still ends up with the curmudgeon Henry Higgins.

I’m loving all the Microblogvember posts. You all are quite the creative bunch!

The random word prompt for November 5 is street. Looking forward to reading your entries. πŸ‘€

It can be tough posting every day for Microblogvember. But I mean to try. #mbnov

Update We first announced Microblogvember on Nov. 1, and quite a few folks were caught be surprise and missed out. Sorry! It was a last minute inspiration.

We “extended” November. When you’ve posted at least once on 30 days by Dec. 6, you’ll earn the Microblogvember pin.

I never liked the word “fancy.” The way it sounds and its various meanings always make me cringe a tiny bit. I never use it in my writing. When the random word generator served it up as today’s Microblogvember prompt, I sighed. #mbnov

His Dark Materials starts on HBO on Monday. It looks quite good. I’m excited! Anyone else? (Thanks once again to @macgreg for introducing me to this trilogy many moons ago.)

The surgery leaves a mark. Straight down my knee, maybe six inches. I have some scar remedies, but I haven’t been too industrious in applying them. I like having such a clear reminder. (And I’m too old to think such imperfections detract from beauty.) #mbnov

REMINDER Microblogvember prompt for Saturday, Nov. 2: mark

  • If you missed a day or two, don’t give up. We’re adding some padding at the end to make up for the short notice.

  • Already Sunday? Nov. 3 is “fancy.”

Microblogvember prompt:

November 3: fancy

(It’s already Sunday in NZ, and we do have quite a few community members there, so I am releasing the new prompt while it’s still early for them.)

My keys are my touchstone. When I wasn’t able to walk after my injury, I never had my keys because I couldn’t use them for anything. It was unsettling. Now I’ve put all my keys back on my keychain, including the mini gym membership card, and I know I am close to full recovery.

Microblogvember prompt:

November 2: mark

(It’s already Saturday in NZ, and we do have quite a few community members there, so I’ll be releasing the new prompt while it’s still morning for them.)

Microblogvember update:

It’s not necessary to tag your entries in any particular fashion. If you post once a day or more for all 30 days of November, you’ll get the Microblogvember pin. As a bonus, if you still haven’t earned that elusive 30-day blogger pin, you’ll get both!

Hey microbloggers, I’ve still got an extra ticket to WordCamp Seattle. It’s Nov. 9-10. There are many interesting presentations on topics from easy to advanced.

Email me at If I don’t hear from anyone soon, I’m going to ask around on Twitter. 😳